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eNtoB is contributing to strengthening our clients' purchasing competitiveness by streamlining the purchasing process and IT system and cutting down purchasing costs.

eNtoB has developed and is operating a specialized e-Marketplace covering the entire purchasing operation, such as material standardization, electronic catalog, quotations, contracts, orders, and settlement, and providing support to facilitate efficient business operations linked with ERP systems such as SAP, ORACLE, etc., depending on the business environment of our clients.

Value Provided to Clients

eNtoB offers a total procurement solution to meet all of our client's needs.

eNtoB values customer satisfaction through a quick and reliable supply chain as our top priority. Our clients will not only benefit from direct and indirect cost savings through our services but also improve their core competitiveness through enhanced processes. We've established a virtuous cycle where purchasing cost-saving effects are maximized through material standardization, volume integration, and increased buying power, thereby providing direct profit improvement effects to our clients.

Direct Purchasing Cost Savings

Price reduction through consolidated purchasing Continuous promotion of cost-saving projects Additional savings through our Buying Power

Enhancement of Purchasing Efficiency and Expertise

Concentration on core tasks by eliminating simple tasks
Utilization of purchasing specialists
Enhancing the competitiveness of the purchasing organization process

Assurance of Fairness and Transparency

Ensuring fairness and transparency
Ease of purchasing plan and performance management
Provision of monitoring services

Value Provided to Suppliers

Suppliers are the source of eNtoB's competitiveness.
eNtoB values mutual growth with suppliers based on fair trading.

Through transactions with eNtoB, suppliers can secure various sales outlets.
Quick and accurate information can be received through the non-face-to-face electronic contract system, which also effectively reduces marketing costs and eliminates ethical risks for suppliers.
eNtoB provides support to be a stable foundation for suppliers through IT infrastructure and purchasing specialists.

Sales Expansion

Provision of diverse sales planning and export opportunities through low barriers to trade entry

Secure Stable Trade Network

Utilizing eNtoB's capabilities to discover client companies and ensure stable and continuous sales and payment collections.

Improvement in Operational Efficiency

With the use of e-MarketPlace, operations are easily manageable without the need for separate system establishment.

Information Acquisition Window

Operation of various information provision channels such as bidding information and briefings.