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Employee Benefits


We are committed to enhancing our employees' work-life balance with various benefits.

Educational Assistance for Children

We provide support for educating our employees' children from infancy through college. By helping to cover tuition costs, we can alleviate the financial burden on our employees and ensure equitable access to education for all.

Support for Homeownership

To help our employees secure stable housing, we offer loans at competitive rates for those looking to buy or rent a home.

Annual Health Checkups

In partnership with premier health screening facilities and hospitals, we provide annual comprehensive health checkups to support our employees' health management.

Leisure and Personal Development

We distribute yearly welfare points that can be used for self-improvement and leisure activities. In addition, we operate a variety of in-house clubs to encourage shared hobbies and camaraderie among colleagues.

Resort Access

We enable our employees to enjoy renowned resorts in prime tourist locations at discounted rates, adding value to their time off.

Support for Family Events

We assist with significant family events such as marriage or death, offering leave, financial support, and other provisions as needed.

Family-friendly Policies

Support for New Parents To celebrate the birth of a child and ease financial pressures, we offer a congratulatory sum for each new addition to an employee's family and provide support such as gifts for children starting elementary school. Promoting Work-Life Balance We implement family-friendly work arrangements like parental leave and flexible work hours to create an environment where work and life harmoniously coexist.
*Recognized as a Family-Friendly Company by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for 11 consecutive years.

Job and Language Training Support

We support employees seeking professional qualifications in purchasing (CPSM) and other areas and assist in preparing for regular language proficiency tests.

Recognition and Rewards

We have a reward system to honor employees who contribute significantly to the company's growth. This initiative is designed to boost employee morale and satisfaction by acknowledging their hard work and achievements.
(Recognition includes Outstanding Employee Award, Outstanding Team Award, eNtoB Award, etc.)