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Career Opportunities

Join Our Team of Perpetual Challengers with Open Minds

We admire professionals who are steadfast in their pursuit of becoming the best in their fields, embodying sincerity and responsibility founded on a strong sense of ethics and honesty.

At eNtoB, we welcome the enthusiasm and ambition of candidates ready to take on new challenges.


Candidate Attributes

Integrity & Fairness

We value professionals who perform their duties with complete transparency, upholding the principles of honesty and ethical conduct and adhering to the correct rules and standards.

Expertise & Professionalism

We appreciate creative and rational minds striving to enhance their global professional abilities. We seek devoted and accountable people aspiring to become top experts in their roles.

Communication & Mutual Respect

We look for individuals who foster an open mindset and actions, respecting and understanding diversity. We desire those who are forward-thinking and foster collaboration rooted in trust.

Passion & Challenge

We admire individuals who relentlessly strive for their dreams and ambitions, continually challenging themselves for the betterment of the company and themselves.

Recruitment Procedure

Our standard recruitment procedure entails an initial review of applications, followed by interviews and health examinations.
Please note that your submitted documents will be utilized solely for recruitment purposes.

  • 1 Application Review Our selection for the functional interview is conducted through the initial application review, in which we examine the relevance of the applicant's background to the position applied for and check for any disqualifying factors.
  • 2 Functional Interview Our field and HR experts conduct specialized and personal character interviews. This stage involves a comprehensive evaluation of the candidate's knowledge and skills relative to the role applied for.
  • 3 Personality Assessment Candidates who pass the functional interview will undergo a personality and aptitude assessment. We evaluate each candidate's interpersonal skills and sociability, which are crucial for workplace harmony.
  • 4 Executive Interview In this stage, our highest management determines how well the candidate aligns with eNtoB's ideal candidate profile. We assess the candidate's values, professional views, creativity, ethical integrity, and spirit of challenge.
  • 5 Medical Examination Following the executive interview, candidates undergo a comprehensive health examination, including blood tests, blood pressure checks, visual tests, and X-ray scans.