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Supplier Registration Guidelines

  • 1. Supplier Registration Application

    · Based on the nature of your registration, kindly proceed via the following links.

    Supplier Registration Application

  • 2. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions / Entry of Supplier Information

    · Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions, your application process commences.

    · For businesses not previously registered, we'll verify this via your business registration number before moving forward with the registration details.

    · At this stage, please input the required administrative information (ID and password creation).

  • 3. Submission of Registration Documentation

    · After reviewing your application, we'll email you the results and guide you on submitting the necessary registration documents.

    · Our Customer Center will send detailed instructions for document submission.

    · For suppliers, please forward the requested documents to

  • 4. Final Confirmation of Registration

    · Upon approval of your application, we'll automatically email a final registration notification.

    · If documents need to be included, we'll contact you via phone to guide you through the resolution process.

    · Once approved, you can access your account using your provided ID and password.

  • 5. Trading Method Consultation

    · We will arrange a consultation with an eNtoB procurement manager to finalize the posting of your deal.

    · If you plan to participate in electronic bidding, please ensure the registration of a common certification before initiating a bid.

Required Registration Documents

1. Business Registration Certificate Copy

2. Bankbook Copy (Corporate Businesses: Corporate Bankbook Copy, Individual Businesses: Representative's Bankbook Copy)

3. Account Application Form (Stamped with the seal from the seal certificate)

4. Seal Certificate (Corporate Businesses: Corporate Seal, Individual Businesses: Representative's Personal Seal Documents issued within the past 90 days are acceptable.)

5. Purchase Card Verification Document (Not applicable if 'Register Later' was checked during the application process)

6. Credit Evaluation Documentation (Please transmit online for E Credible, NICE D&B, and Korea Appraisal Data. For other agencies, please attach the documents to your application.)

Issuance and Submission of Electronic Credit Certificate

Secure a credit rating from an accredited rating agency (the process takes 7-10 business days).
[Rating Agencies include Korea Appraisal Data, NICE D&B, and E Credible, among others.]

NICE D&B Customer Service : 02-2122-2550

Website :

E Credible Customer Service : 02-2101-9100

Website :

Korea Appraisal Data Customer Service : 1811-8883

Website :

It would be best to meet the direct rating criteria (the same for manufacturers and distributors: Minimum Grade B) for successful registration.

[Grade B : B+, B, B-]

Submission of Credit Evaluation Report: After attainment of the credit rating

1. Log into the website of the credit rating agency of your preference.

2. Select the option 'Send Credit Certificate.'

3. Choose 'eNtoB Inc.' from the list.

4. Click on the 'Send' button.

Ratings from other credit rating agencies are also acceptable for registration.

Issuance of Common Certificate

A Common Certificate will be obtained from an authorized issuing agency (Recommended: "Korea Trade Information & Communication").

Korea Trade Information & Communication Customer Service : 02-6000-2098

Website :

(Suppliers using only reverse auctions do not need a common certificate.)

Before the issuance of the common certificate, ensure to verify its type and purpose.

1. eNtoB Special Purpose Certificate: Can be used for all transactions on eNtoB (Including quotes, contracts, and tax invoices)

2. Electronic Tax Invoice Certificate: Specifically for issuing tax invoices

3. General Purpose Electronic Trade Certificate: Usable for submitting quotes and issuing tax invoices (Applicable for all transactions, including access to Integrated SRM)

Important Notices

- - Following the Personal Information Protection Act, documents bearing resident registration numbers must be appropriately redacted.

- When attaching digitized documents (Such as PDF and JPG), ensure they are clearly discernible.

- Please note that changes to the registered account information are typically not permitted for new registrations.

- In cases where a change of account information is requested, it will be processed after a telephone verification per a separate account change procedure. Thus, please exercise caution when inputting your account information.