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Company Overview

sustainable supply chain purchasing solutions specialized company

eNtoB is a premier procurement solutions enterprise, providing elevated purchasing power and superior supply quality, grounded in our proficiency in general materials, routine supplies, and construction equipment.

We operate a smart purchasing platform leveraging the most recent IT advancements and are orchestrating a robust supply chain by acquiring exceptional suppliers for each product category.
We are advancing as a procurement specialist for eco-friendly future industries by establishing a sustainable supply chain and expanding the value chain in circular resources.
Initiated in 2000 as a collaborative enterprise by four preeminent domestic entities, we currently stand as a vital component of the POSCO Group, driving the surge in competitiveness among Korean companies.

Business Areas

  • MRO Business

    · MRO material purchase agency

    · Procurement-process consulting

    · Export/Import agency services

    · Specialized malls (R&D mall, Welfare mall)

  • Logistics Service

    · MRO material delivery service

    · Inventory operation support (VMI)

    · Product search system support

    · WMS / Fulfillment Center construction

  • Circular resource

    · Circular resource distribution

    · Development of alternative products utilizing circular resources

    · Group by-product recycling

ESG Procurement

eNtoB leads sustainable procurement based on corporate citizen management philosophy.

Transaction Items


  • Consumable

    From maintenance and repair materials to general office supplies, any consumable materials for corporate production activities

  • Construction
    Materials and

    Various packaging materials, steel materials, cables, construction materials, and sub-materials based on over 20 years of specialized procurement processes and procurement professionals