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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship:
Building a Better Future Together

eNtoB upholds the management philosophy of being a ' Corporate Citizenship: Building a Better Future Together.'

We are committed to contributing to a better world and striving to create greater corporate value.

The Corporate Citizenship System

What is Corporate Citizenship?

The concept of Corporate Citizenship attributes personality to a corporation, indicating an entity that, like modern citizens, plays a role in coexistence and mutual prosperity for societal advancement.

Employees of Corporate Citizen eNtoB

are actively participating in creating a better society, setting the management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship as the standard for all decision-making in business and daily life, based on consideration and a spirit of sharing.

Go the extra mile!

As mature citizens take an extra step in acting for the community, a Corporate Citizen also makes an extra effort in all management activities and everyday life, practicing 'fair and transparent values of ethics.' POSCO is continually evolving and innovating through communication and empathy with stakeholders through the management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship.

The Practice of Corporate Citizenship

eNtoB is practicing the Corporate Citizenship Business Initiative (SBSB) based on the management philosophy of Corporate Citizenship for realizing sustainable purchasing. In undertaking these actions, we lead the way in solving social issues with various stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, and local communities.

  • Social Bridge

    · Good Friends Program

    · Safe Together

    - Forklift Safety Device

    - Support for Smart Safety Ball

  • Buy Social

    · Supply Chain ESG Management Support Project

    · Expansion of transactions with Socially Friendly Companies

  • Save Tomorrow

    · Waste Fishing Net Recycling Project

    · Everyday Carbon Reduction Activity

  • Do Dream

    · Do Dream Support Project

  • Social Bridge

    The Good Friends Program is a companion growth program in which eNtoB uses a portion of the profit generated from procurement services with our clients to promote ESG activities such as carbon reduction, supplier safety support, etc.
    We create greater corporate value by installing forklift safety devices and supporting Smart Safety Balls for trading suppliers through Good Friends ESG activities.

  • Buy Social

    We have established a supply chain ESG risk management process (Prevention → Diagnosis → Evaluation → Improvement) to support suppliers in enhancing their ESG management capacity. We support supplier ESG awareness improvement education in the 'Prevention' stage, MRO-type ESG diagnosis tool development and diagnosis in the 'Diagnosis' stage, supplier ESG evaluation system introduction in the 'Evaluation' stage, and operation of tailored improvement programs by the diagnosis rating in the 'Improvement' stage.

    When trading with socially-friendly companies, we provide price incentives, limited competition, and priority supply.

  • Save Tomorrow

    The Waste Fishing Net Recycling Project is a business that constructs a systematic Value Chain for 'collection-transportation-raw materialization-upcycling' for marine waste recycling. We collect waste fishing nets and recycle them into regenerated nylon (PA6) and plastic (PP/PE) through waste fishing net regeneration raw material production technology, reborn as eNtoB's environmentally-friendly regenerated raw material and PB products.

    We operate activities such as installing and using the health stairs campaign, Corporate Citizenship Challenge, and RC (Reduce CO₂) Day for reducing carbon in work and everyday life.

  • Do Dream

    The eNtoB Do Dream is a project that provides opportunities for youths leaving child protection facilities to become economically and psychologically independent by assisting them in entering college. Not only do we provide full-package support, including tuition, housing, living expenses, and academic achievement allowances so that the youth can focus on their studies, but we also offer career exploration and job consulting programs to assist in their stable settlement in society.