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Safety and Health
Management Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen growing hand in hand with others, eNtoB is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable working environment for all collaborators, effectively preventing mishaps while enhancing the quality of life and health.

To manifest this commitment, eNtoB has laid a safety and health management policy centered on the following principles across all our activities. We've also established and operated a safety and health management system to fulfill these principles:

- Safety and health management remains the cornerstone of all corporate activities, crafting an environment where everyone can work safely and comfortably.

- We constantly articulate and exemplify our commitment to embedding a safety and health culture within the company.

- We proactively identify potential risks to prevent accidents and diseases among all staff and associates, striving for continual improvement.

eNtoB CEO, Lee Yoo-kyung

Safety and Health Goals & Strategy for 2022

Core Implementation Plan

  • · eNtoB adheres to fundamental principles such as laws, guidelines, and regulations related to safety and health.
  • · eNtoB develops and refines an adequate safety and health management system for the well-being of our workforce, aggressively pinpointing and rectifying risks.
  • · eNtoB maintains an open line of communication with its employees, encouraging their active participation in cultivating a safety culture both within and outside the company.
  • · eNtoB proactively participates and diligently practices safety and health responsibilities to cultivate a mishap-free workplace.
  • Adherence to Principles

    Compliance with laws, guidelines, and regulations pertaining to safety and health

  • Safety and Health Management System

    Establishing an effective system and continually identifying and improving risk factors

  • Internalization of Safety Culture

    Actively soliciting worker feedback and encouraging participation

  • Voluntary Safety Engagement

    Proactive involvement and diligent practice in fulfilling safety and health duties

ISO 45001

ISO 45001, unveiled in March 2018, is an ISO standard for industrial safety and health management systems. This international standard delivers practical solutions for workplace safety, and eNtoB, with ISO 45001 certification, effectively oversees and controls all of its workplaces.