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Building a Better World,
Unlocking Greater Value

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all who have chosen to visit the eNtoB website.

Since its inception, eNtoB has been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled value to our clients through innovative IT-based procurement practices, simultaneously fostering the growth of transparent and equitable B2B e-commerce businesses.
Now, we aim to transcend our existing boundaries, strengthening our collaborative growth with business partners, and positioning ourselves as pioneers in the corporate world - embodying the principles of a 'corporate citizen', participating in resolving societal issues beyond generating economic profit.


We're committed to constructing a robust supply chain with consideration for ESG factors.
This approach not only fosters cost savings from a TCO viewpoint but also fuels the sustainable competitive advantage of our customers.

eNtoB has systematized and digitized extensive supplier and product data accumulated over two decades, enabling both suppliers and customers to conveniently access demand and supply information.
Our adoption of state-of-the-art IT solutions, such as AI and RPA, has enabled us to maximize transaction efficiency.
We are steadfast in our commitment to enhancing our customers' sustainable competitive advantage by shaping a supply chain that takes ESG into account. Looking ahead, we aspire to emerge as a pioneering ESG procurement enterprise, driving ESG capability enhancements across the entire supply chain.

CEO of eNtoB

We pledge to exemplify the ideal 'corporate citizen', giving back to society by supporting the self-reliance of vulnerable communities and leading environmental enhancements in local areas.

A considerable 97% of suppliers working with eNtoB are small-to-medium enterprises, a significant number of which encompass socially vulnerable groups. We recognize the vital role these businesses play not just in job creation within local communities, but also as a cornerstone of the national economy. eNtoB is dedicated to manifesting the 'corporate citizen' management philosophy by promoting mutual prosperity with these enterprises and catalyzing shared societal values.

Adopting a culture of creative innovation, our entire team is committed to cultivating a workplace that is secure, fulfilling, and conducive to happiness.

eNtoB is constantly seeking innovative ideas that drive our customers' success and strives to shatter conventional norms by examining every challenge from its roots. Under the banner of 'safety first', each one of our employees is dedicated to preventing accidents, paving the way for a safer and happier life. As a procurement solution company dedicated to creating 'greater value' for a 'better world', we kindly request your continued support and encouragement in our endeavor to contribute positively to society.

Thank you.