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Fair Trade

CEO Message

Within the dynamic landscape of business transformation, eNtoB has embraced ESG as the central pillar of our corporate ethos. We are contributing to society as a procurement solutions specialist, generating enhanced value for the betterment of our world.

Fair trade is a cardinal element of the prominently spotlighted ESG management, which compels enterprises to actively partake in resolving societal issues - an imperative of our contemporary times.

At eNtoB, we foster a culture of fair and uninhibited competition and lay a foundation for sustainable growth. Our approach includes establishing and operating a comprehensive compliance system, incorporating ISO certification and a 'Compliance Program (CP).' Our endeavors aim to instill a culture of legal adherence and ethical trade.

Taking a step beyond, we are committed to meticulously preventing violations of ethical trade regulations, bolstering cooperative growth with diverse business partners, and continuously garnering trust from society. We aspire to evolve as a paragon in the domestic B2B e-commerce sector, leading the culture of fair trade.

We extend our gratitude for your enduring support and interest as eNtoB continues to advance and grow.

Message from the Compliance Officer

the Head of the Jeongdo Management Office and the Compliance Officer responsible for steering the planning and implementation of eNtoB's self-regulatory Compliance Program.

The self-regulatory Compliance Program (CP) is an in-house compliance mechanism that enterprises establish and manage in adherence to the 'Self-Regulatory Compliance Guidelines' instituted by the Fair Trade Commission. This program aims to thwart violations of fair trade laws preemptively.

In October 2011, eNtoB pledged its commitment to compliance under the leadership of our CEO and implemented the self-regulatory Compliance Program. The aim was to fortify ethical management and establish a culture of fair trade, thereby enabling more equitable and transparent corporate practices.

Our company safeguards internal stakeholders and fosters fair, free external competition by consistently monitoring and eradicating business practices that could violate fair trade laws, adhering to our internal compliance system, thus steering our course towards sustainable management.