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Announcement of the 24th Financial Settlement

As of December 31, 2023

Unit: KRW


Current Assets 150,449,215,962
Cash and Cash Equivalents 17,053,335,666
Trade Accounts and Notes Receivable 107,998,105,251
Other Receivables 24,755,343,775
Other Current Assets 636,823,580
Inventory Assets 5,607,690
Non-Current Assets 13,778,944,747
Long-Term Other Receivables 900,575,445
Stocks of Subsidiary Companies 10,220,115,446
Deferred Corporate Income Tax Assets 2,219,577,116
Defined Benefit Assets 191,083,254
Tangible Assets 247,593,486
Investment Property

Total Assets 164,228,160,709


Current Liabilities 91,393,804,758
Trade Payable 86,712,793,076
Other Payables 2,080,998,910
Current Financial Liabilities 871,668,197
Current Corporate Income Tax Liabilities 681,265,770
Other Current Liabilities 1,047,078,805
Non-Current Liabilities 5,733,533,268
Other financial liabilities 20,000,000
long-term lease liabilities 4,301,731,963
Other Non-Current Liabilities 81,081,101
Provisions 920,607,196
Defined benefit liability 410,113,008

Total Liabilities 97,127,338,026


Share Capital 16,000,000,000
Capital Surplus 51,100,822,683

Total Equity 67,100,822,683

Total equity and liabilities 164,228,160,709

Notice as above.

March 25, 2024

eNtoB Co., Ltd.

CEO Lee Yoo-kyung

Appreciation opinion : In our opinion, the Company's financial statements fairly indicate the financial performance and cash flow of the reporting period ending December 31, 2023 in accordance with the IFRS.

Kim Kyo-tae, CEO of Samjeong Accounting Corporation