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Global Examplar Citizen Week

Since 2010, employees of the POSCO Group, as members of the corporate citizen, have united to practice sharing within the local community through this special week of volunteer activities.

  • Every June

  • Local Community & Residents

  • Seoul, Pohang, Gwangyang, etc

Creating Vibrant Urban Spaces

By providing mural painting volunteer work at the Seoul Suseo Youth Center, we have offered psychological stability to teenagers and created a pleasant environment.

'Home Seed Log' Volunteer Work

The oak seedlings grown for 100 days with a 'Home Seed Log' (a log for growing seeds at home) kit are planted on Nanjido park, Mapo-gu, Seoul, contributing to carbon reduction.

Seoul Forest Plogging "Trash Picking" Volunteer Work

'Trash Picking' is a Korean equivalent for plogging, an environmental cleanup activity that involves picking up trash while jogging. The activity was conducted to hold up the environment like the word 'Trash Picking.'

Pohang Comprehensive Social Welfare Center Lunch Box Delivery and Environmental Cleanup

eNtoB employees visited elderly people suffering from meal shortages in Pohang, delivered lunch boxes, and conducted environmental cleanup around the Pohang Comprehensive Social Welfare Center.

After-School Emotional Support at Donggwangyang Peace Local Child Center

We actively support after-school emotional support activities by participating in the quarterly birthday parties held at the center with the children of the Donggwangyang Peace Local Child Center.