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Social Contribution

Sister Organization Collaboration Projects

Funds collected from employee contributions are provided through the POSCO 1% Foundation to contribute to solving community issues in collaboration with the Yeoksam Senior Welfare Center and Nuribom Together Growth Center since 2010.

  • 2010 ~ Present

  • Elderly and Future Generations

  • Seoul (Gangnam-gu)

Yeoksam Senior Welfare Center 'Yeoksam Family'

A program of eco-friendly cultural experiences, such as creating eco-friendly crafts and eco-friendly cultural field trips, for emotional exchanges and generation interactions between seniors at Yeoksam Senior Welfare Center and eNtoB employees.

Nuribom Together Growth Center (formerly Ilwon Local Child Center)
Integrated Cultural Art Program 'Nuribom Dream Up'

We offer a diverse integrated cultural art program that involves mime, magic, music, and drama for elementary school children from dual-income and large families who use after-school evening care.